Jack McLean


Jack is the author of Loon: A Marine Story (Random House, 2009), a memoir about his service in the United States Marine Corps from 1966 to 1968. It became a Bestseller.

He served as an infantry corporal in Vietnam in 1967-1968, having enlisted upon his graduation from prep school. 

Jack subsequently became the first Vietnam veteran admitted to Harvard University, entering during the tempestuous fall of 1968, days after his return from combat.

He has since enjoyed a career as a successful marketing executive, most recently as the Founding Managing Partner of the Greater Washington Initiative. 


A favorite early job was that of Assistant Ticket Manager of the New York Mets Baseball Team.

A native of Summit, New Jersey, Jack's career has taken him to New York, Boston, Portland, Charlotte, and Washington, DC.  

He has three daughters (Sarah, Martha, and Sylvia), five grandchildren, and one most-excellent dog (Charlie).

He currently lives and writes in Fort Lee, NJ.


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